74th Member's Meeting Goodwood

It’s mid March with winter now thankfully behind us and pretty soon Jagger will be hitting the streets. But before that happens my friend Frank and I are off to attend the 74th Member’s Meeting at Goodwood where I am being driven to the circuit in no less than a Aston Martin DB9 Volante. Regular visitors here will have seen this chariot on previous pages, a great looking car which sounds awesome especially at start up. Unfortunately for my neighbours we set off quite early and I’m certain we must have woken some of them up as we roared out of the driveway, but hey ho never mind........

Unlike the Revival meeting where there are car parks for this badge, that badge and everything else under the sun, at the member’s meeting we are all treated as equals and as such, there are no preferential car parks. Other plus points are that aside from the grandstands where one has to purchase a ticket, it’s access all areas with blissfully only half the number of people in attendance.

Long may Lord March have the ability to pull rabbits out of his hat like no one else on earth because they sure help him to put on a brilliant show and this meeting was no exception.

The following photo’s I hope will give you some indication of why Goodwood is so special.

This guy came all the way from Switzerland in his Gullwing!!!

Has anyone seen an earlier Mercedes than this?

The sight of this car and the cars on the next image was worth the entry fee alone.

The Silver Arrows on the pit straight with Jochen Mass leading Mika Hakkinen driving the ex Juan Fangio car, valued today at $29million.

Before you start to wonder if you have tuned in to a Mercedes Benz appreciation society website, let's get back on track with an even better looking Aston Martin than the one I arrived in.

Here's one big American you don't see too often on our roads - check out that lovely curved window on the back corner.

Porsche's leading the field at the end of the pit straight.

Remus, the very famous ERA first owned and raced by Prince Bira. In the 1980's I used to watch the Honourable Patrick Lindsay in his bright red shirt with arms flailing as he threw this around circuits such as Oulton Park, Silverstone and Donington on his way to winning numerous cups. It must be 30 years since I last saw this car, it's nice to see it looking just as I remember it.

Some good looking machinery getting ready to take to the track for the next race.

Even a van which once belonged to Juan Fangio's Mercedes dealership in Argentina turned up!!

And just when you were beginning to wonder if I had forgotten about the beautiful Jaguar E-Type........