A bit of TLC




The classic car season is well and truly under way and over the past few weeks we’ve attended both E-Type Day’s at Goodwood and Prescott. Last year I took to the track in both events but this time around I decided to be a bit more sensible - quite a rare feat for me.


For both events we packed a picnic and enjoyed a relaxing time meeting up with the new friends we’ve made since owning the car. At Prescott, Angus Moss came by to ask how the car has been performing since he returned it to me a few weeks ago. I mentioned how the exhaust scrapes the ground more frequently than it used to and after checking the car out he decided the shock absorbers and springs were a little weak. Since then, all four units on the rear axle have been changed and the ride now is far better with fewer horrible sounds coming from underneath whenever I go over a speed bump.


On Monday I drove to a mate’s house in Dorset to spend the night, after leaving the M3 at junction 8 I joined the A303 and headed for the A30 turn off just after Popham airfield. After passing through Stockbridge the road widens, perfect for top down driving on a sunny day in the country, a couple of hours later I arrived at Peter's house.


I took him for a spin and a visit to a country pub and when we got home he suggested I park Jagger in the barn alongside his Bentley, well who am I to argue?






After dinner and quite a lot of catching up, it was time for bed because the following morning I was up with the lark to keep my appointment with Sigma Engineering.


On arrival Jagger was parked on the rolling road where the technicians set about improving the performance and fuel consumption. They soon discovered the timing was out and the advance and retard was not operating as it should. After changing the springs and a rusty bearing inside the distributor, they tuned and balanced the carburetors before I was asked to take the car for a test drive.


As I left the yard and joined the main road I put my foot down and Whoa! the car took off like a rocket with acceleration I've never experienced before - it was hard to believe I was driving the same car. When I returned to share the good news, I was advised that not only will the car perform as it should from now on, but the fuel consumption will increase because the engine will not be put through so much strain as before. All in all a win win situation and a morning well spent at Sigma Engineering.

Don't just take my word about how good Sigma are, here's one of the quickest E-Types in Europe which regularly competes in the E-Type Challenge series of races around the country.

And here's a few more cars waiting in the yard for the special treatment from Sigma.

Aston Martin Superleggera, quite a special car there!



When I left Dorset I headed west across country to join the M5 on my way to visit the guys at BAS in Cwmbran. After spending the night in a local hotel I returned to see my new tailor made tonneau cover sitting on the car. I got the idea to buy one of these pieces of kit after seeing a fellow E-Type owner on the recent Brittany trip putting one on his car. It seems much easier to pop one of these on instead of messing about with the hood, especially when you’re only parking the car for a short time.


I set off for home in the early evening and to get there as quickly as possible I took the direct route home along the M4. Feeling quite proud that the car was now running the best it’s ever done since I've owned him and with my new tonneau cover sitting in the boot, I was all set to drive him to the Le Mans Classic in a few days time - or at least that’s what I thought.


When I pulled up on the drive at home and got out I noticed the drivers side sill covered in oil, I discovered the cause being a grommet in the timing chain cover leaking oil. It was getting late so I put Jagger to bed and the following evening when I came home from work I began to tackle what I thought would be a straight forward job. Unfortunately I was wrong, the rubber grommet had perished and there was nothing to grip, so after struggling for a few hours I gave up and went online to order a replacement part. I figured that by the time it arrived, I would have the grommet out so I could pop the replacement in, but how wrong was I?


No matter what I tried, the blighter would not come out and after skinining a few of my knuckles, I ran out of time and patience and reluctantly gave up to prepare to leave for our overnight ferry in my modern day car, something I never wanted to do. I had been looking forward all year to going in the E, but I had no choice it was the daily runner or nothing.