A new season begins


After spending two months away from his normal habitat, Jagger returned better than ever. The engineer did a good job replacing the sodden carpets and ruined exhaust as well as fitting the 2.88 diff. Hope I'm not being optomistic in wishing it will return more than 12 mpg which the 3.30 diff achieved, wish me luck!


On National Drive it Day, Georgia and I joined our friends Ann & Bob Maloney who drove their gorgeous Mercedes 220 SE Convertible on our private little outing. We met in Virginia Water and drove along the A30 to White Lion Antiques in Hartley Wintney, a regular classic car haunt. After a coffee and a mooch around we headed back through Farnham and joined the A3 at Guildford on our way home.



Ann & Bob alongside their gorgeous Mercedes in Hartley Wintney.

My attempt at being artistic from the inside of a pub in Hartley Wintney - A Room With A View



Now we're on the artistic theme, it was such a pity no bride and groom could be found - just as well you know who stepped in to save the day.

And here's my version of the picture on the lid of that chocolate box tin you see in the shops around Christmas time.

Parked alongside a Bristol 411, this particular car was handmade in 1972, the year before Jagger hit the streets.