Brands Hatch Historic Superprix

Frank patiently waiting to drive me home!

The second weekend of July was scorching hot, perfect weather to attend the HSCC Historic Superprix at Brands Hatch. My lifelong friend Frank drove 200 miles south on the Friday before the event in his Aston Martin to spend a few days with Georgia and I.

During breakfast on Saturday morning we decided to leave Jagger in the garage and travel in a modern English classic, the DB9.

It’s been years since I was last at Brands Hatch, in fact my first visit was in the late 1970’s to watch the British Grand Prix and all I can remember from that experience was the enormous crowds - thankfully a lot less spectators were in attendance this time around.

After we left home it took an hour to reach the circuit and once we had got past the entry gates it soon became apparent what a great viewing circuit Brands Hatch is. There is elevated track side parking which allows you to see a large part of the circuit and many cars were parked with the owners watching the racing from the comfort of their pride and joy, or sitting in front of their car having a picnic with friends.

We parked close to the Paddock Bend grandstand at the end of the pit straight and because it was so hot we decided to spend most of the day watching from the elevated grandstand where we witnessed lots of closely fought racing.

No visit to a motor racing circuit is complete without a walkabout to see what treasures are on display, so below is a small selection of some of the great looking cars I think are worthy of an inclusion on myetype, I hope you agree.

Ferrari 275 from 1965, in my opinion one of the most beautiful cars on planet earth.

Vibrant red interior of the 275

A lovely Mk2 Jaguar in Old English White parked in the paddock close to a E-Type about to participate in the Jaguar Heritage Challenge, I wonder if those overalls belong to the E-Type driver.

A future classic in the shape of this immaculate XKR

Great looking Lotus Elan SE from 1967

Triumph Dolomite Sprint - these were considered a fast car in their day.

Mini Cooper S from 1965