Brooklands Photo Shoot

The day after participating in the Magna Carta Rally, Jagger took part in a photo shoot at Brooklands, the theme was Best of British and is run by a professional photographer who shows budding cameramen and women how to get the best out of their kit, here are some of the shots I took.

Here's a fine example of our theme for the day "Best of British". Concorde, a gorgeous E-Type and a London Transport bus.

Alongside the Wellington Bomber Hanger and some heavy metal.

On the famous old circuit close to the members footbridge.

A reminder of how Britain used to make great looking cars.

Outnumbered by Astons as a modern day Vantage joins the DB5.

Miss Moneypenny fires up the Aston.

Under the nose of Concorde facing the Vickers VC10 which was built at Brooklands in 1964 and operated in the Sultan Of Oman's Royal Fleet.

The photographers like to take action shots of the cars driving along the track and here's Nigel heading our way in his Series 3.

My friend Ricky took this photograph and while it may appear like just another pic of a few admirers looking at cars, it goes much further than that. The photographer asked if we would move our cars to the torpedo alongside the Wellington Hanger, I got there first and as I walked away from the car and across the road a family with two young boys came walking by just at the moment Nigel drove by. The boys were around 8 and 11 years of age and when they saw Nigel’s Jag the youngest boy shouted “Hot Baby” - I asked if he thought Jagger was also a Hot Baby to which he replied “Oh Yeah”.

I love these kind of moments so I suggested to the young boy that if he asked his father nicely he might take a picture of him sitting behind the wheel of Jagger. The young boy was overjoyed and so was his brother as we walked over to the cars and he jumped in. We spent about ten minutes chatting and taking pictures, it was a lovely moment and was made even more special when the young boy walked over to me before departing and shook my hand to say thank you - thanks boys, I hope you enjoyed the experience.

This picture shows Nigel inviting the boys brother to sit inside his car and if you look closely you may just see a young head sticking up from the drivers seat of Jagger.

Driving around Brooklands reminded me of the annoying little creak or squeak call it what you will, which I think is coming from the rear driver’s side wheel and first appeared as I left the track at Spa whilst driving through the paddock. It seems all that sliding around the place loosened one of the spokes so today I took off the wheel and visited MWS in nearby Langley.

MWS are well established wire wheel specialists who have been in business for ages. When I arrived I spoke with a chap called Dan and after explaining how the creak came about, he took the wheel in the workshop for a quick look. A few minutes later Dan returned to explain that all seemed fine, but unless he removed the tyre to inspect the wheel thoroughly he could not be certain. He suggested when I got home to drive the car with the spare wheel fitted, which I did and no sound appeared, so it seems my hunch may just be correct. I called Dan to explain my findings and he will investigate further, so watch this space................


I got a call this afternoon advising nothing was found on the wheel, which is a little surprising. Dan removed the tyre and inspected the spokes closely but all seemed intact. I cannot return until Tuesday to pick up the wheel, but at this point I'm a little baffled what to do if the noise is still there when I put it back on the car. I guess I'll just have to wait and see while maybe saying the odd prayer or two before Tuesday..............

I returned to MWS to pick the wheel up and while I was there I asked what the secret was to keeping chrome wire wheels clean, the lady behind the counter explained the virtues of a magic potion MWS have developed, so I picked up the stuff which comes in two containers - one a cleaner and the other a sort of film to keep the dirt and dust away.

Of course I've done my usual thing and made a rod for my own back - this time it's been caused through giving the wheel a good clean before putting it back on the car! Take a look at how this wonder stuff from MWS has brought the sparkle back, this reminds me of all those hours I spent a few years ago rubbing my fingers to the bone. But to be fair it's definitely worth it for you can't beat a nice shiny set of chrome wires - all I need now is the time to get the remaining three wheels looking so good.

After smearing the splines with copperslip I put the wheel back on and hey presto! there was not a sound to be heard. A bit of a mystery but I am not complaining, the most important thing in this exercise is that the squeak is no more.