E-Type meets F-Type Coupe'

The weekend after Drive It Day we returned to Brooklands which is always a good place to visit with many cars, planes and other attractions on display.


By chance we met photographer Jason Dodd who had been loaned a F-Type Coupe’ for the weekend by his local friendly Jaguar dealer and it didn't take long for one of us to suggest taking a few shots of the new kid on the block alongside Jagger.


After saying goodbye to Jason and the F-Type I drove around the back of the clubhouse to one of my favourite places at Brooklands, the BP Pagoda. It's a neat feature although I'm not sure I would have the patience to wait for that fuel pump to fill up Jagger with 18 gallons of unleaded!


As you can see it's not only my favourite place to park, a few other guys got there before us like the Morgan and a Morris pick up, apologies for not recognising the motorbike parked with us.