Events 2013





Before the lifelong dream to own a E-Type was achieved, it could never have been imagined that driving such a fabulous car could be so much fun. Listening to those 12 cylinders rumbling from the exhaust whilst driving down the road with the top down is such a great feeling and often puts a smile on people's faces, especially mine.


Quite often, people sound the horn and wave or give the thumbs up, some people even drive alongside on the motorway with their camera out to take a picture, though that's not something I care for, purely out of a safety perspective.


When attending shows or events, people pass kind comments and ask all kinds of questions about the car. There have been a few times where a couple of young lads have sat inside, grinning from ear to ear while their parents take photo's of them, to me it's all part of the fun.


I love Jagger and treat him with the respect, love and attention he deserves, he will never become a trailer queen whilst he's in my ownership, he will be driven as Sir William Lyons intended, frequently.


A chance encounter with The Stig at the start of the Brooklands to Brighton Classic Car Run, something we participated in shortly after the Goodwood event.

A week after completing the Brooklands to Brighton run, it was time to head off to Prescott Hill for the annual E-Type Register meeting.


It was brilliant to be amongst so many E-type's, however the best moment arrived when the ex chief Jaguar test driver, Norman Dewis introduced himself. What a gentleman he is and as you can see, he had no problem taking time out for a photograph.


For those of you who don't know about the legendary Norman, his career spanned 33 years with Jaguar, in that time he drove tens of thousands of miles testing many Jaguar cars from the 1950's through to the 1980's. Norman also played a leading role in the development of the disc brake, something we should all be thankful for.


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