GRRC Classic Car Sunday

I got up early on Sunday, something I’m quite used to when the classic car season is in full flow. This time it was for another breakfast club meet at Goodwood with the theme, Classic Car Sunday.

Goodwood breakfast club meets are so popular that you cannot just pitch up unannounced because they won't let you in without a pass that you have to apply for, so a few weeks after filling in the form I was happy to get the thumbs up.

It's certainly worth making the effort because there are some fabulous cars which come along, take a look at these beauties.


Porsche 911 alongside a Volvo P1800

Lancia Aurelia

Iso Grifo

Ferrari Dino

Maserati Khamsin

Alongside a Pagoda, another gorgeous Dino

Porsche 911S Targa


Cool looking Maserati from the 1960's

Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider

Yours truly

Fiat Dino, Triumph Vitesse and a Land Rover

Immaculate S1 alongside a Mk2 Lotus Cortina