GRRC Soft Top Sunday

What a weekend I’ve just enjoyed. On Saturday I accompanied my friend Duncan in his Bentley to take part in a rally held by Goodwood Road and Racing Club, otherwise known as the GRRC. Mind you it was an early start and a long day which was to be followed on Sunday by another early start so that I could drive Jagger to the breakfast club at Goodwood where the theme was Soft Top Sunday.


I love this time of the year now that the classic car season is in full swing although I’m never too thrilled to be making such early starts especially when they fall on consecutive days - they remind me of the times when I used to have to get up early and go to work!


We arrived at The National Motor Museum in Beaulieu at 8am and completed our registration forms before heading over to the cafeteria for a much needed bacon roll and cup of coffee, especially as I had got out of my bed at 5am! Unfortunately the cafeteria staff advised us that no hot food was available, which not only was annoying, it was plain stupid to ignore the opportunity to sell cooked food to 120 people they knew would be arriving at such an early hour!


Anyhow, rant over. The weather was glorious and we had a great time in the Bentley with plenty of laughs along the way. It wasn't easy being the navigator because apart from our trip meter not matching the mileages in the rally book, I had to shout a lot to make myself heard over the wind noise in the cockpit and the roar of that glorious big engine. That said, it did nothing to dull my enthusiasm and watching Duncan steer his massive car with its string covered steering wheel through the New Forest complete with wild ponies and through the winding lanes of Hampshire and West Sussex was a sight to behold. By the time we got to Goodwood we had completed well over 200 miles before driving two laps of the motor racing circuit which marked the end of the rally. In the early evening we enjoyed a well earned barbecue in the clubhouse and by the time I got home it was 10.30 and I went straight to bed because only a few hours later I was to be up with the lark again.

Car and navigator safely back at Goodwood.

Goodwood is a little over an hour’s drive from me and experience has taught me that due to the popularity of their events, it is essential to arrive early if one doesn’t want to sit in a very long traffic jam, so at 5.30am Jagger was hitting the streets and heading towards West Sussex.


The early start paid dividends because according to the GRRC website, within the circuit there were as many as a thousand cars and over 8,000 people, with a further 3,000 vehicles parked outside the gates - so now you know why I got out of bed at silly o'clock.


Being one of the first arrivals allowed us to park close to the start finish line, we also have the unexpected pleasure of appearing on the GRRC website. Copyright laws prevent me from reproducing the contents on here but to see several images of Jagger and other fine cars go to and in the search box type Breakfast Club Soft Top Sunday early arrivers.


But before you do that, here are a few photo’s taken by yours truly for you to enjoy.

Peace and tranquility before the crowds arrive.

The clue is on the number plate, a BMW Z8

A row of fine English classics on a lovely West Sussex morning, immaculate S2 alongside a Triumph TR, S3 E-Type and Lotus Elan.

Project 7 Jaguar alongside the now topless Z8

I cannot walk past a E-Type without posting a pic of it on here, but come on who wouldn't want to own a S1?

It was difficult to photograpgh this Ferrari Daytona, each time I returned there was a crowd surrounding it and admiring its beauty. After many attempts this is the shot with the fewest number of people in.

Notice the tyre tread? same as what's on Jagger, Michelin XWX's which are standard for this and other Ferrari's of the same vintage.

Mercedes 230SL, The Pagoda

American muscle, SS Camaro

Mercedes 220 SEB

No introduction required