JEC Day at Brooklands

Anyone who visits this site frequently will have difficulty ignoring my close association with Brooklands. There is always something going on at the home of the worlds first purpose built motor racing circuit and today it was the turn of the southern region of the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club to pitch up.


We left home around 10.00 am with the top down and on arrival I swear I have never seen so many Jaguars in one place, they were everywhere - I attended this event two years ago and there were nowhere near as many cars in attendance back then.


Shortly after finding a parking space the weather changed for the worst and it started to rain so I made a hasty retreat to Jagger and put the top up. When the weather got worse there was only one place to go, the members bar for a nice long lunch.


A couple of hours later the rain had gone and the sun returned so we walked around admiring Jaguars of every description, take a look below at some of the fine examples in attendance.

By the time we arrived there was not much room left, but I managed to find this little space in the motoring village alongside some other "Surrey Region" Jags.


Big thanks to my friend Dave, a fellow Brooklands member for taking this pic of Jagger and forwarding it on to me.