July 2014

The day after we got home from France it was time to get back in the garage to tackle the grommet issue. With help from a friend the blighter finally came out and with the replacement fitted the oil was topped up and hey presto, oil leak cured!


The following day was MOT day, so for the first time in a year it was off to Tudor Road Garage in Hampton, a lovely old fashioned place whose mechanics treat my car with tender loving care.


Mark the mechanic who tested Jagger last year took about an hour before giving me the good news that we have a clean bill of health for another year.

Recently a work colleague and fellow classic car nut told me about his friend Simon who, due to work commitments, is relocating from a large house in the country to a two bedroom apartment in New York.


Included in the downsizing were four air chambers he no longer had use for, this was too good a opportunity to miss so I asked if I could purchase one. We hired a van to go and pick it up and now I have a replacement for the one I lost during the floods earlier this year.

A view from the inside of what will become Jagger's protective air chamber during the winter months.

Once we got the air chamber home and took the van back, as a way of thanking my colleague it seemed only right to take him for a ride in Jagger.


We blasted down the A3 for 6 or 7 miles before turning off to drive through the country on our way back home. By pure coincidence we found ourselves approaching the house we had visited earlier in the day. It was suggested we drive by for a photo shoot, so my colleague can email this shot to his friend to show him what will be occupying his air chamber in future.




I became a member of Brooklands several years ago because not only is it such an iconic place steeped in history, there is so much to see and do with always something going on. Every now and then they hold evening talks in the Napier Room, earlier this year I listened to Neil Trundle. Neil has worked for McLaren most of his working life and was once their chief F1 mechanic, the topic of his talk was 50 Years of McLaren.


Another interesting talk was conducted by Doug Nye the renowned motoring journalist who spoke about all matters regarding motor racing and showed a series of short films including grand prix races from the 1930's through to the 1970's.


This evening fellow Brooklands member Angela Hume talked about her participation in this year’s Mille Miglia. Angela is the proud owner of a locally made car, a 1954 Ruddspeed AC Ace. The talk went on for about an hour and provided a interesting insight to this famous race and in case you were wondering, Angela along with her co driver Steve Grey crossed the line in 212th place out of a field of 435 cars - not bad for a first time effort.


Below are a few pics of her car parked outside the clubhouse, the E-Type next to the Ace once belonged to the motoring journalist, Dennis Jenkinson. "Jenks" navigated alongside Stirling Moss in a Mercedes 300SLR at the 1955 Mille Miglia, which they won by covering the 1000 mile journey at a staggering average speed of almost 98 miles per hour!