Magna Carta Rally

Monday 15th June 2015 will mark 800 years to the day since the barons forced King John to seal Magna Carta at Runnymede, laying in law the foundations of the liberties we enjoy today - the Magna Carta was used as a reference by the United States of America for their constitution.

Ten days before the 800th anniversary we gathered with fellow Brooklands members in the fields of Runnymede for the start of a day long rally. After signing in and listening to the briefing fifty cars set off in 30 second intervals to drive through the Berkshire and Surrey countryside on our way to a private car collection.

When we arrived I could hardly wait to see the cars and automobilia on display in the back yard of a very fortunate man.

Jagger parked alongside fellow Brooklands members cars in the fields of Runnymede before the start of the Magna Carta Rally.

Many Brooklands members own fabulous cars, just like this gorgeous 190SL.

And this Bentley we had the privilege of following.

And now for the collection - some folks feel the Miura is the finest Lamborghini ever produced.

Although in this collection one has the opportunity to compare the Miura alongside other Lambo's such as this 400 GT Coupe' from 1967 and the Countach discreetly tucked in the corner.

A small selection of the many petrol globes on display.

The AA man getting ready to go out and rescue a stranded motorist.

This 1955 300SL Gullwing had a 3 year total restoration in Stuttgart and won Best European Gullwing at salon Prive' it was also exhibited at Pebble Beach.

If this is not a 100 point car I don't know what is.

And of course the gentleman owner has a wonderful selection of Jaguars on display.

Going by the registration prefix this must be one of the last series 1 E-type's produced sitting alongside the XK.

This 300SC Cabriolet is one of 50 and was Mercedes' answer to Rolls Royce, it is one of the first fuel injection cars produced by the German manufacturer.

After spending a few hours admiring the collection we returned to our cars to enjoy a drive through the glorious Surrey countryside on our way to Savill Gardens in Virginia Water. A dedicated car park was waiting for us before we went inside to enjoy a cream tea!