It’s the time of year when Jagger must return for his annual health check and by now you should know there is only one place I go for that, Tudor Road Garage in Hampton.

This is the third year in succession Mark has MOT’d the car and today I asked him to take a close look around the engine bay to see if he could discover where the annoying coolant leak I keep finding on my garage floor is coming from - despite the few times I’ve tightened the hose clips.

With the car raised on the ramp, it was the perfect opportunity to take a closer look. After Mark walked under the car and shone a torch towards the water pump it didn’t take long to find evidence of coolant around one of the bolts so he nipped it up and I am hoping that this particular problem has now been cured.

It’s worth mentioning that a few weeks after replacing the water pump, Brian and I had retightened the bolts, so either this one has worked loose or we must have missed it completely - which is a bit of a worry.

As for the annual MOT health check - Jagger passed without a hitch which didn’t surprise me because the car has barely travelled 2,000 miles since this time last year!