Oh those winter floods

Before winter set in, the air bubble was erected inside the garage so Jagger could stay condensation free for the winter. Every now and then I would go and start him up and let him tick over for a while.

On a morning in February 2014 I woke up to find four foot of water surrounding every house in our neighborhood. Unprecedented amounts of rain had been falling for weeks which raised the water table level and burst the banks of the Thames. Homes for miles around had been flooded and we were no exception, inside the house on the ground floor the water lay 18 inches deep. With the help of the Emergency Services who brought a small boat to our front door - we escaped to stay in a hotel.


The water remained outside for a week before the Fire Brigade managed to pump it away. Ten days after the flood a building assessment team arrived to view the property and strip the house of the damaged articles. When the work was finished they went to take a look inside the garage. The door was opened up for the first time since the flooding and not knowing what to expect, my heart sank when the assessor unzipped the tent to reveal the water inside. He got a water vac from his van and carefully sucked out 55 litres of water from the air chamber.


Footman James the company who insures Jagger arranged for a loss adjuster to come and check the damage, a few days later the repairer arrived and could hardly believe what he saw. The devastation caused by the flood was all around and the only thing that made me smile was when I jumped in Jagger and he started first time. My pride and joy had been sitting there all winter but that didn’t bother him, he leapt into life at the first turn of the key.


Water came out of the tail pipes as the engineer drove Jagger on the trailer but apart from that and the damp carpets it seemed we got away lightly. Jagger’s interior was stripped and he was put in a barn for a few weeks to dry out, the exhaust system was replaced in its entirety, BAS supplied a full replacement carpet set and the heat and sound insulation was replaced.


One of the few things about Jagger that bugged me last year was the high revs - at 70 mph the needle on the rev counter is close to 3000, plus he returns around 12 miles per gallon. Heeding the advice of other V12 owners I bought a 2.88 diff which I understand will not only cut down the revs, it will also help improve the fuel consumption figures.


Prior to the engineer's visit we had discussed the possibilities of him changing the diff along with a few other minor jobs, so it seemed appropriate to ask him to put it in the back of his 4x4 and have him fit it once the dampness issues were sorted.




Yesterday was 1 April and I gleefully went to the Post Office with my V5 to get Jagger taxed, no big deal you might say but you would be wrong. Due to changes in the last budget, pre 1974 cars became tax exempt from yesterday so I promptly got my tax disc for the next 12 months. It’s quite silly how some things can make you smile, it felt great seeing that big fat NIL in the box which displays the cost of the tax on the disc, I guess where I'm concerned that saying about small things pleasing small minds is appropriate.