Phil Lightman

Earlier this year I met a chap called Phil Lightman who in his spare time produces works of art featuring some of the finest classic cars to have ever been produced.


The attention to detail Phil puts into his work is brilliant so we shook hands on a deal and I let him get on with things. Phil sent me several photographs he had taken of E-Types from slightly different angles, this was so I could decide how I wanted the car to look and after some deliberation below is what I chose.


About a month ago Phil contacted me to say he was almost finished and sent me a proof. It was great to see my pride and joy looking so good and while I have some nice photographs of Jagger, to see him in a painting is something special and I am happy with what Phil has created.


Last month saw the final classic car breakfast club meeting at Brooklands and Phil contacted me to say he would be attending and if I were to come along he would bring the finished article with him. I pitched up in Jagger and Phil gave me the painting which I showed to some of my classic car owning chums while trying to persuade them to give Phil some work.


It never ceases to amaze me at the talent some people have, the attention to detail Phil puts into his work even includes the same tyre tread as the Michelin XWX's which are fitted on Jagger.



Together with the painting which fits into a 20” x 16” frame, I arranged to have some greetings cards made which I've sent to some of my friends.


To see more of Phil Lightman's work go to