Preparing for the homecoming

During the past few weeks I’ve received several reports from the engineer who has found additional bits and pieces that needed replacing, such as the propshaft universal joint which was in a terrible condition.


In anticipation of getting back behind the wheel again this week I power washed the garage floor a couple of days ago and with help from my plumber and my long suffering wife the three of us worked as efficiently as a Swiss watch to lay down a self levelling cement on the garage floor.


Georgia ensured the right amount of water was always in place as Mark mixed each bag with his industrial whisk and when the magic potion was ready I was at hand to throw it on the garage floor.


For anyone who is unaware of this stuff it finds the lowest point and levels the floor, it’s quick drying so it’s key to work fast, after about an hour the job was done so we closed the door to let it set.


The following morning the garage floor looked as smooth as a billiard table so after a sweep of the brush and a bit of masking tape placed around the walls we set about painting the floor with you guessed it, garage floor paint!


It’s surprising how little paint is needed when the surface is so smooth, I reckon we used around 1 litre of paint to cover the floor.


We’ll return tomorrow to put another coat down and I think that will be it - job done.


I was so keen to get started, I forgot to take a picture to show how bad the floor was, but take my word for it, it was dreadful. The above picture shows us about three quaters done and the picture below shows the floor as we found it this morning after having let it set all night. Don't be fooled by the lines, they are created by the many different bucket loads of the stuff used, they will not be seen once the floor has been painted. The most important thing is that for the first time ever, the floor is level and I'm happy with the way it has turned out.

One more coat of paint and Jagger will have a nice new home to return to.