Self Indulgence at Spa

As previously mentioned Georgia was none too keen to sit alongside me during our track session so she offered our friend Raphael her seat. As this was to be his first ride in a Jaguar he was thrilled to take her place, but kindly mentioned there would be no one to take photo’s of Jagger out on the circuit - we soon overcame that small glitch when he brought his camera along and below are some images taken by our Parisian friend.

In case you're wondering, that's not a smile it's a nervous grin as I sit and wait in the pit lane?

At the time of booking they told me there would only be a handful of cars on the track - I guess arithmatic is not their strong point.......

We've only just started and it looks like I'll have to get used to this kind of stuff chasing my tail.

I've got the S Type in my sights but as for the driver of the BMW i8 he's lucky I'm in a generous mood today, I've decided to let him go. LOL

Just look at the concentration as we prepare to show the TR6 a clean pair of heels - steady tiger!

The glory is soon over as we're about to be passed by the F40.

And here we are safely back in the paddock.

Here is the man responsible for taking all the photographs on this page - not only is he content to steal my car, the young Parisian smoothie has my wife drooling all over him!

In case you have got this far and are unsure as to what make and model my car is, here's a gentle reminder.

Another example of Raphael's artistic skills.

Jagger looking his best in the paddock.

Come on Jagger, we can get around this!

Travelling at a leisurely 80 mph in the big cat and not even getting close to going in the red.

High up in the hills of Spa.

Exiting La Source.