Silverstone Classic 2014

On Friday we attended the world's largest classic car event, otherwise known as The Silverstone Classic. The event takes place over three days, but we prefer to attend only on the first day when there aren’t so many people in attendance.


The Jaguar Drivers Club and Jaguar Enthusiasts Club share in my opinion the best vantage point on the circuit afforded to car clubs. It is on a raised bank facing the circuit just past the inside of Copse corner - as the cars pass you can see them drive through Maggotts and Becketts before disappearing into the distance. Anyone who has attended a race meeting at Silverstone will know that unless you are seated in one of the grandstands it’s not the most spectator friendly circuit, so any sight of the racing while standing beside the track has to be a bonus.


There are hundreds of classic cars in attendance and similar to Le Mans a few weeks ago, I shudder to think what the value of all this precious metal adds up to.


Now the racing has finished and everyone's left, we packed up the picnic and loaded everything in before zipping up the tonneau and heading off to listen to the music for a while - you can see what I mean about having a great view of the track from our parking position.

Cooling Cats

My favourite car of the day, this gorgeous Lancia Aurelia a fantastic looking car and one I would love to own - everything about it is pure class.







2014 is the centenary year of Maserati and they had a great display of cars in attendance, here's a few that caught my eye.


It was enjoyable chatting to the owner of this superb Bora who has owned it for 30 years. He didn't seem fazed when I asked the question he must have heard so many times before, "Does the number plate show the top speed of this car?". The reply was, "pretty much yeah, give or take a mile or two".



He went on to say "I used to drive it flat out but not anymore, I have to consider the age of the car and I'm not sure it would be safe". I couldn't agree more with this charming man, owning a classic car is about enjoying every minute, whilst not forgetting it's no teenager.


Who wouldn't want to go for a long drive with a beautiful passenger sitting beside you in this?

Gorgeous 250F which will be driven by Stirling Moss during a parade lap on Sunday to celebrate this great marque's centenary.

More classics in the racing stable.



In case anyone's in any doubt about what they are looking at, this sign on the bonnet says all you need to know in true Italian style.


This is too beautiful a car not to include, if anyone knows what model it is, please let me know and I'll post it on here.