The Silk Run

It’s been a while since we went anywhere in Jagger but this morning I fired him up and drove to Brooklands, the starting point for a day long rally. After the registration we enjoyed a bacon roll and cup of coffee before attending the briefing and at ten o’clock the first cars led us on a tour of the Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire countryside.

The rally was called The Silk Run because we were due to visit a silk farm but that all changed when the folks at the venue changed their minds and decided they could not accommodate 46 classic cars in their car park! To be honest it did not concern me for I don’t really care where we end up, I enjoy driving with a group of nice people and their cars - it’s a fun thing to do and we have got to know many Brooklands members on these trips so it really is a win win so far as I am concerned.

Instead of the silk farm we visited a vineyard in a village called Upperton, West Sussex where we enjoyed lunch made from local produce which included a variety of cheeses, chutney and cold meats.


What a fabulous view and I'm not only referring to Jagger!

When we left the vineyard we set off for afternoon tea in Hampshire - it's a tough old life this game of classic car driving!


The route took us through gorgeous villages, one had a cricket match in full swing but play stopped while the players admired our old cars as we passed alongside the village green and I swear I heard a round of applause - how very British!


Eventually we arrived in the north east Hampshire village of Hartley Wintney for afternoon tea where we were served with warm scones with clotted cream and jam - needless to say dinner was not required when we got home!


Here are a few photographs from some of the cars which took part in the rally.

Citroen DS21 I love these cars, so stylish.

Audi Quattro from the 1980's, a car that rocked the world when it first hit the streets - awesome motor!

A Big Pair - Austin Healey 3000 from 1957 alongside a 1949 Bentley Sports.

1937 Lagonda.

A complete set comprising of a pair of series 1's, a series 2 and my series 3, there's even a modern Jaguar in the corner.