The Fun Begins

A few weeks later when I returned to pick the car up from the upholsterers it looked fabulous with its mohair hood and new interior. The car was now beginning to look as it should and it was a great feeling driving home in my now beautiful E-Type.


Two days after collecting the car my wife and I participated in our first outing together in Jagger, a Breakfast Club meeting at Goodwood.


The theme was Soft Top Sunday and as we drove through the gates, we felt like royalty as the marshals guided us towards the track and asked us to park on the starting grid.


As we slowly made our way through the crowd a space appeared close to the start finish line which we reversed into, I switched off the engine but neither of us could get out. So many people had followed us and were now gathered around the car to take a closer look at the paintwork, a few were leaning over the windows to look inside the cockpit.


We looked at each other and laughed at being trapped inside, eventually we managed to get out and started to answer all kinds of questions from the admirers - we knew we had a lovely car but never expected anything like this.


Many thanks to Wessex Car Club for taking these pictures and forwarding them onto me.