Walton Bridge Classic Car Meet

The month of May sure has been busy this year and the final day saw me attending a local classic car meet alongside Walton Bridge in Surrey. Every three or four months a local guy called Ashley, a classic car nut, asks folks to pitch up in their classics.

The event takes place in a public car park alongside the Thames and is a very low key affair. I go along because I think it’s a nice way to blow away the cobwebs on a Sunday morning and it’s always good to support a local event and to see and meet fellow classic car enthusiasts.

I’ve never taken Jagger along because he has either been off the road or the weather has been lousy and today proved to be no exception. It had poured with rain all night and had only eased off a little by the time I left home so I went along in my recently acquired 1989 Mercedes 300SL.

There were not too many cars in attendance but enough to make things worthwhile, take a look below and see what you think.

Sometimes I wish I would never see a Lancia because each time I do they steal my heart. The attention to detail on these fabulous cars is second to none, this gorgeous Superleggera Flaminia from 1962 is no exception.

Hats off to the owner of this fabulous looking Mk2 Jaguar for bringing him out on such a lousy day.

Australian built Ford Fairlane ZD.

It would be hard to ignore this passion wagon from Cadillac, don't know about you but to me it's got Chuck Berry written all over it!

Porsche 924 - you don't see too many of these on the roads anymore, or the Triumph 2000 parked alongside.

Yours truly parked alongside a Rover P5.

This unmarked Ford Capri looks like it has just left the local dealership's showroom.

Immaculate Mini.

My SL was not the only one in attendance, this one is fitted with the 4.2 litre V8 engine.